This Series, Sword Art Online: New Aincrad, is property of FedeTkd.

Sword Art Online: New Aincrad
Story Information
Author FedeTkd
Cover Character/s Kirito & Galant
Status In-progress
Prequel Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes
War is coming...
~ Galant

Sword Art Online: New Aincrad(Also known as Sword Art Online: NA, or more simple, SAO:NA) is a fan-fiction series created and written by FedeTkd. It is the sequel of Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes, but it can be read before it. It will have a sequel, named [REDACTED].


Taking place in New ALfheim Online's Aincrad, the story follows four connected storylines. A former SAO player known as Hao has risen to become the King of Aincrad. Under the banner of peace, he and his legions started a crusade and they already control most of Aincrad. One of his followers is Hao's cousin, Mordread, the leader of The League of Darkness Knights. He is fighting just for the thing he likes more than anything: killing people. To fight the Legions and stop Hao, Kirito founded the Knights of the Blood, formed by many of his friends and other former SAO players and ALO players. In the middle of this conflict, Galant, now as solo-player, is on a rampage searching Mordread to have his revenge.

Their different ideals and beliefs will clash in an event, known as the Great Aincrad War, which will decide the fate Aincrad and ALO.

  • Genre: Action/Drama/Adventure/Romance
  • Rating: +13


Principal Story Line

Arc 1: Battle for Freedom

SAO-NA - Arc 1-CoverArc1-ver2

Cover for Arc 1

Arc 2: Battle for Aincrad


Arc 2 Cover




Music Themes

LiSA - Oath Sign

LiSA - Oath Sign

Unbeatable Love I Surely Have

Unbeatable Love I Surely Have

"Ash" - By LiSA

"Ash" - By LiSA

Aimer - Brave Shine

Aimer - Brave Shine