This Series, Sword Art Online: Right Back At It Again, is property of Aikenarrows.

I never understood how much I could mean to someone until now
~ Aiken
Sword Art Online: Right Back At It Again is a fan-fiction story invented and written by AikenArrows.
Archer (Fate EXTRA) full 5491325667

The Cover Art For "Right Back At It Again"


The story follows the former SAO player, Aiken, and his guild, Darkness Falls.  The leader of the only breaker guild in SAO, Aiken works to fix what he did in the death game.


Main Story

Arc 1: After The Wake-Up

The full story, "Right Back At It Again", is available to read at at


Music Theme

Bestamvsofalltime ▪ Aevum AMV Edited by AimoAio04:09

Bestamvsofalltime ▪ Aevum AMV Edited by AimoAio

Music video for Right Back At It Again. Much thanks to AimoAio for letting me use your video!

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