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This Series, Sword Art Online: The Terror of Death, is property of DemonsAnarchy.

Sword Art Online: The Terror of Death is a crossover fanfiction between Sword Art Online and .hack//G.U., however the story is set primarily in the events of the SAO universe with elements of .hack involved. It is set to be posted sometime in 2015, however the exact date is unknown. The story takes place during the time-skip in Aincrad.


"If you die in the game, you die in the real world."

This was a rule everyone trapped in the death game called Sword Art Online knew well. Already, a year has passed, and people have grown accustomed to the game's settings and rules, some no longer think of it as a virtual reality. However, Player Kills, such as the members of the Murder Guild Laughing Coffin, appear more frequently, taking the treasures left behind by their kills. However, there has been talk of a Player Killer that defies the set perameters of the game, a player wreathed in azure flames. Every kill he leaves behind, a strange mark appears in that set location, and it doesn't go away.

The story revolves around a PKK, a Player Killer Killer, who hunts down other Player Killers. There's a rumor that this particular character had killed 100 PK's in a single battle, and was christened "The Terror of Death". The name of this player is Haseo, and he is hunting down the character wreathed in flames.

The character known only as... 'Tri-Edge'.

Changes in Storyline

  • The story is set in the world of Sword Art Online, however elements of .hack exist, such as Haseo's reputation and the appearance of Tri-Edge. Epitah Avatars appear as well as powerful enemies.
  • Takes place between the two-year timeskip.
  • Haseo was among the 1,000 Beta-Testers, however he is not a Beater like Kirito.



Known as the "Terror of Death" for his achievement of killing 100 PK's in a single battle, and is feared by all. He seeks out the player called 'Tri-Edge', a PK who seemingly defies the game's physics. He appears to have some connection to Klein and a deceased player named Shino, however he doesn't talk about his past all that much. His real name is Ryo Misaki, a freshman in high school.


A mysterious PK that can break the laws of SAO. No one has ever seen what he looks like, but has been known to appear in blue flames. His title was earned because of his weapons of choice. Whenever he leaves, a strange mark resembling a crude triangle is left behind. Some speculate that he is either working with Kayaba Akihiko, or he is an AI.


A deceased player, and a childhood friend of Haseo's. According by what little that was revealed by the player, Shino was the one who roped him in the gaming world, and bought him a copy of SAO. Along with Ovan and Haseo, the three looked over each other once the death game was announced, however six months before the timeskip, she was killed by Tri-Edge.


A member of the Guild <<Twilight Brigade>>, which was formed by him, Shino, and Haseo shortly after the death game was announced. After the death of Shino, he mysteriously disappeared, however he only gave Haseo a cryptic answer when questioned. It appears that he has some connection to Heathcliff and Tri-Edge. He also called him by the name of Azure Kite, further questioning his true identity in the real world.



The symbols left behind at each sight where Tri-Edge was supposedly seen. The marks had been there for six months, and have yet to vanish. These 'signs' are what partially resulted in Tri-Edge being referred to as a player that defies the laws of Sword Art Online.


A moniker given to players who have defeated powerful monsters called "Waves". According to a rumor spread around by Argo the Rat, in a secret area somewhere within Floor 67, there are powerful monsters that, if defeated, can become a familiar and boost the players' stats. So far, the only "Wave" monster that was found was a creature named 'Skeith', which was defeated by Haseo.

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