This Unique Skill, Swords Dance, is property of PercyJacks.

Blurred Strikes
Sword Skill Info
Name Swords Dance
Kanji ソードズダーンス
Romanji Soodozudaansu
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Sword, Dagger/s
Colour Orange, Grey, Black
User Nedelin

Missed me. Over here. You missed again. Watch your head.
~ Nedelin while dodging attacks

Swords Dance is the name of the Unique Skill given to Nedelin because of his maneuverability on the battlefield. 


Swords Dance gives Nedelin unmatched maneuverability on the battlefield. He can dodge any attack and can go behind an enemy and strike his behind in a blink. It also increases the charging speed of Sword Skills. He can also do a short-range "Ghost Dash" that lets him stick his knives onto an enemy's chest then go through the actual enemy like a ghost and reappear on the other side and do it again. It makes him very tired if used too long. 

It can only be used with a One-Handed Straight Sword, a One-Handed Curved Sword, or a One-Handed Rapier.


  • Nedelin


  • During dash, Nedelin leaves a trail of orange, grey, and black streaks in the air.
  • This unique skill is partly modeled after the Bladedancer subclass in Destiny, and the Smoke Powers in inFamous: Second Son.

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