Technomancy is a form of Neutral Soulcraft used to exude a higher form over control over machines.


Technomancy was discovered on accident as an attempt to merge Soulcraft and Technology. To make use of technomancy one must have machines made of Anima conducive materials or else they will face essence backlash. It is considered to be a lost art as so few learn to utilize it to its true potential. It was used extensively on the Elesian Coast Conflict by the Elesians. This led to their defensive victory due to the enemies communication network breaking down.


Technomancy can best be described as having four parts to it


Breaking is the process of connecting to a piece of hardware, and breaking through the boundaries that keep normal forms of hacking from working. This bypasses all forms of firewalls and is almost completely untraceable.


Binding is subduing a broken hardware to make use of in later technomancy, it is possible to attempt to bind somethign that is unbroken, but it is highly difficult. Binding a piece of hardware takes time and energy to do, in most cases it is easier to break something to stop it from working rather than re purposing it.


Controlling is where soulcraft begins to shine, when a Bound piece of hardware is Controlled it is directly micromanaged by the user. in the case of guns this means knowledge of angle of fire, bullet drop, barrel temperature so on and so forth. This can be extended to any piece of hardware. When something is controlled a perception enhancing Soulcraft is used in conjunction that is highly efficient, but limited to using Technomancy.


Over-clocking is when a Controlled piece of hardware is pushed to its absolute limits, this is highly ineffecient but can be utilized in short bursts. This can overheat and cause physical damage to the Technomancer by generating an immense amount of biofeedback, which can interfere with further Controlling attempts.

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