This Unique Skill, Thanatos (Skill Tree), is property of Whizad.

Thanatos (Skill Tree)
Skill Info
Kanji サナトス
Romaji Sanatosu
VRMMORPG New ALfheim Online
Category combat
User(s) Xelias


This Skill Tree is unique among unique skills, as the player who first obtains it may share its use with any players he or she chooses.

The use of this tree unlocks a number of buffs to a player's damage, health regen, and combo bonus stats.


The techniques unlocked by leveling the points in this tree are unknown, as Xelias has not shared the tree with anyone.


  • Xelias


  • The total effect gained by a Thanatos Xth Paragon Silence Archon is unknown.

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