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WARNING! Contains Spoilers!

Nine demons of Hell
Party Info
Name The Band of the Nine
Kanji トエ バンド オフ トエ ニネ
Romanji Toe bando ofu toe nine
Epithet "Nine Demons of Hell"
VRMMORPGs New ALfheim Online
Founder Mordread
Main Focus Killing players
Base of Operations None
Affiliations The League of Darkness Knights
The Supreme Legion
Allies None
Status Disbanded

We shall kill them all...
~ First

The Band of the Nine is a party of nine members of The League of Darkness Knights. They are all player killers. Each one of them represent one of the nine races in New ALfhiem Online. All of them have a code number and are specialized in skills from each race.


Some of the members were members of Laughing Coffin, meaning they were also players in SAO. It was created by Mordread with the simple task of killing players. They are the best of the best in skills regarding their own race. 

Known Members