The End War is the prophesied final battle between all races of End War Online.


The End War was first forseen by The Four Lords after the creation of Humanity and the beginning of the Age of Growth. It was told that once all three races became of equal power, a final battle would ensue which would bring about the end of the Age of Growth and usher in a new era of the world, one ruled by either Angels, Demons, or Humans.



A primary belligerent, the Angels seek to cleanse Eden in Light before moving on to destroy Hell.


A primary belligerent, the Demons seek to purge Eden in Dark before moving on to destoy Heaven.


A primary belligerent, Humans are dedicated to protecting their homeworld from both Angels and Demons.


A secondary belligerent, Hybrids are a mixed class in that they have ties to two different sides of the conflict, and it is up to them to choose who they side with. Many Hybrids refuse to take part in The End War at all, instead following their own path.


An unforeseen but powerful force in The End War. Though there are only three, the Nephilim have the potential to shift the tides of the entire war for any side. There is currently one Nephilim for each primary belligerent, making the sides fairly even for now.

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