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The Four Lords were the residing dieties of Eden during the Age of The Four Lords.


The origin of the Four Lords are unknown. They came to Eden while it was lifeless and filled with The Undeath to begin a new era on Eden, known as the Age of The Four Lords, where they ruled over the world for several millenia. In beginning the new age, the Four Lords wiped out The Undeath and created the concept of balance in the world; heat and cold, life and death, as well as light and dark.

The Four Lords led Eden into prosperity and created both Angels and Demons to inhabit Eden. However, Angels and Demons soon were poised to destroy each other as well as their own world, so the Four Lords separated the two races, with The Creator creating Heaven for the Angels, and The Destroyer creating Hell for the Demons so that balance would continue. In order to further preserve this balance, the Four Lords created Humankind, a vessel of balance, to inhabit Eden.

Soon after the creation of Humanity, the power of the Four Lords began to wane, and in order to usher in a new age to allow all the races to prosper on their own accord, they left the world and returned to where they came, but in leaving the world, accidentally created the concept of Nothingness, from which the realm of Void was born.

The Four Lords


Vallheim was the leader of The Four Lords, and considered the most powerful. He was responsible for discovering the True Soul, and bringing life to Eden, allowing the creation of Angels, Demons, and Humans.


Loratiel was responsible for creating the Angels, creating the Light Soul with Iraam, and using her own power with the Light Soul to create Angels. She is the mother of all Light Soulcraft.


Iraam was responsible for creating the Demons, assisting Loratiel in creating the Light Soul, and using his power with the Light Soul to create Demons. He is the father of all Dark Soulcraft.


Orcir was responsible for creating Humans after the Angels and Demons were separated, using the True Soul to create the Dark Soul and the Humans that would keep it. He is the father of all Neutral Soulcraft.

Orcir is also responsible for the creation of Nephilim. After becoming estranged from his fellow Lords, he followed his own path shortly before the end of the Age of The Four Lords.

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