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WARNING! Contains Spoilers

The Bringers of Death
Guild Info
Kanji ザー リーグ オブ ダークネス ナイツ
Romaji Zā rīgu obu dākunesu naitsu
VRMMORPG New ALfheim Online
Founder Mordread
Focus Killing players
Participating on the Great Aincrad War
Base of Operations None
Status Active

I shall make a prediction Galant: you will definetly fall to darkness, like me. Without fail. And once you notice how deeply you have fallen to it, I will kill you.
~ Mordread

The League of Darkness Knights is a guild of New ALfheim Online. It one of the antagonistic guilds of Sword Art Online: New Aincrad, alongside The Supreme Legion. It was created by Mordread. All of them are use a VRSMA, making them capable of killing players also in real life.


The skull on Mordread pendant. It is a symbol that all the members bear on their outfit (with the exeption of most members of The Band of the Nine).


Some of the members are formers members of Laughing Coffin. Mordread formed this guild sometime in 2025, qwith the sole intention of killing players, knowing that that would atract Galant to kill him.


None. The members are scattered across the floors, though most of them are with Mordread all the time.

Known Members


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