The Loft

Loft 1

Loft 2

Home Sweet Penthouse
Location Info
Location undisclosed
Type Hidden Safe Zone


The Loft used to be a massive, undeveloped safe zone with a hidden entrance that could be moved. After Zeltran moved in and pimped it out, it became the trippy penthouse it is today.

Originally a glitch, The Loft served as the perfect hidden getaway for the guild.

When New Aincrad reached Floor 18 (the original site of the original entrance), Yzjdriel explained to Kirito what it was, and asked him to help reinstate the area's existence. He agreed, and so did the game developers.  After a week of beta testing and coding, the area was readded to the game, and the guild rebuilt their hidden paradise.

High-value crafted items, and a custom billiards set provided by Khan Pachi, set the mood in this mansion-sized guild home.

The guild will occasionally host get-togethers with other guilds here, but use corridors to allow other players access; thus keeping the door's location a secret.

Notable Locations

  • Original Entrance: Floor 18
  • Current Entrance: Somewhere between Floors 21 and 37


The guild was founded in SAO by Yzjdriel as a "fun times" guild; when they found The Loft, they immediately converted it into a getaway spot.

When New Aincrad was added to ALO, the guild reconnected, converted together, and rebuilt The Loft.



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