The Second Void Insurrection is a prophesized event in the lore of End War Online.



In the aftermath of The First Void Insurrection, it was foretold by The Harbinger that such an event would occur again. It was said that another Void Avatar would appear and once again manifest Void within Creation to return everything into the nothingness from which it came.

The Nephilim Purge

In light of this prophecy, and due to the intense fear of Nephilim after the war, the Angels, Demons, and Humans joined forces to destroy the Nephilim in an event now known as the Nephilim Purge. All Nephilim, no matter who they were, man, woman, or child, were destroyed during this campaign in the hopes that they could prevent the prophecy from coming into fruition. Some Nephilim managed to escape the purge, however, and carried on the Nephilim lineage.

The Second Void Avatar

In the modern day, there now exist only three Nephilim. The third, Yamato Haseo, is the next Void Avatar as was foretold. Due to his close connection to Void, with a strong concept of nothingness as well as Void being manifested inside him, he is most certainly the Nephilim the legend spoke of. However, how he would bring about this new Insurrection is unknown. As of present, he neither has the will nor ability to cause such an event.

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