Time Alter
Soulcraft Info
Kanji タイム・オールター
Romaji Taimu.ōrutā
Level Extreme
Race All
Attribute None

Time Alter is a high level Soulcraft in End War Online.


Time Alter is classified as the most powerful soulcraft in existence. It allows for the manipulation of time, being able to accelerate, slow, stop, and even reverse the flow of time.

This Soulcraft is impossible for any being of any kind to utilize, as the Anima required to alter time in any way on the scale of Creation would immediately drain all Anima from a being, and would absolutely be lethal. Nephilim are also unable to perform the technique, even while drawing power from Worlds, as the power required to affect the entirety of Creation is simply impossible to achieve.

A less taxing and actually possible use of this Soulcraft is to use it to alter oneself only, allowing for the world to appear slowed down, but not actually slowing anything. This can be seen as hightening the reflexes of the user to an incredible amount, allowing the user to make extremely quick and precise movements or decisions within a relatively short timeframe. The Anima cost for this is also quite large, but not anywhere near the lethality of the full power of the ability.

This spell is universal across all attributes, and therefore does not have any special properties for any.


Time Alter

The natural Time Alter technique of manipulating the flow of time. Time, in this regard, is considered a corporeal concept, and can be sped up, slowed, stopped, and reversed to any degree imaginable. The technique is confirmed to exist, though no records of anyone being able to perform it exist. Unlike Space Alter, which only affects two points and a string connecting those two points across Creation, Time Alter affects the entirety of Creation all at once, requiring Soul power that simply does not exist. Not even Nephilim are able to utilize this ability for any practical length of time, perhaps only being able to slow time by fractions for a miniscule timeframe.

Double Accel

The most basic spell of all the Time Alter spells. Still, it allows the user to move faster than the human eye can see. It speeds up heartbeat rate, blood flow, hemoglobin metabolism, and muscle movement all at the same time. Using this brief burst of speed, the player can use his own physical skills and reaction speed at a level far above human limitations.

However, using this spell puts the body of the user in great stress, pain and burden on the body of the Soulcaster, and each use, even a brief one, can potentially cause death. Though this is a basic spell, it demands a high quantity of Anima.

Void Time Alter

A hypothetical use of Void would be to perform Time Alter. As Void does not exist within Creation, theoretically, one could draw enough power from the truly limitless power of Void in order to affect all of Creation with Time Alter. Though this would depend solely on the strength of the conduit, and no such conduit exists that can handle that much power over the scale required, be it a natural or artificial conduit. Even Void Avatars are unable to perform Time Alter as a result.

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