To Catch a Killer
Quest Info
Name To Catch a Killer
Kanji 殺人者を逮捕する
Romanji Satsujinsha wo Taihosuru
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location 54th Floor, 56th Floor
Objective Defeat the NPC Killer
Boss Hangman
Reward Revocation of a «Rank 5 Orange cursor» once.
Status One-time universal, completed

«To Catch a Killer» is a one-time universal kill quest, meaning that it can only be started by one player, and will not resurface again even if that said player fails and or dies. At first, it was speculated as a way to revert a «Rank 5 orange» Color Cursor back into a green one.

The quest appears in the story Truth and Ideals.


The quest is started by analyzing a body in the 54th Floor dungeon, but that initiator must have a «Rank 5 criminal status» (commit an «orange» crime 5 times, with each time having a green cursor, or kill another player outside of dueling).


The player must encounter the NPC killer, Hangman, who left messages on the corpses he killed. If the player approaches these corpses, there is a chance to receive a note that tells the player to meet at a certain place. In this case, it was a completed sub-dungeon on the 69th Floor of Aincrad, the Courtyard of the Hearth.


Upon intiating the quest, the player is allowed into the «Area» of cities and towns once again, but is not protected by the Area.

Upon defeating Hangman, the player's orange cursor is revoked and changes to a green cursor. Their number of "grace crimes" are reset.


After defecting from Laughing Coffin, Kai initiated this quest under the request of a regretful client. After the death of three NPCs, including the one that was the quest initiation flag, Kai encountered Hangman in a 69th Floor sub-dungeon. There, Hangman was ultimately defeated.

Known Attempts

  • Kai (successful)

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