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Personal Info
Name Violette Victoria
Kanji ヴィオレットビクトリア
Birthday July 12, 2005
Age 17 (Clashing Blades)

39 (Shattered Boundaries)

Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 112 lbs
Eyes Violet
Hair Blonde
Place of Residence Toulouse, France
Family Octavia Victoria - Daughter
Player Profile
Display Name Trinity
Kanji トリニティー
Romanji Torinitī
Epithet Violet Knight
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Affiliation Pendragon Court
Partner Avro
Base of Operations Luciad, Floor 28
Unique Weapon Bianca
First Appearance Sword Art Online: Clashing Blades - Chapter 6

Trinity is a player of Sword Art Online and a key member of Pendragon Court. She is the mother of Octavia Victoria.  


Born to the wealthy Victoria family of Toulouse, France, her father and mother are both figures of importance within France, with her mother being a politician and her father the founder and CEO of the very successful Vers le Ciel Aerospace Company. Violette did her best to have a relatively normal life, despite her upbringing, refusing to be pampered and preferring to do things herself and in her own way, unafraid of stepping out into uncharted territory to pursue her goals. Violette occasionally played games with her friends from time to time, and often enjoyed them as well. It was with this incentive that she decided on getting a NerveGear and a copy of Sword Art Online so she could play with her friends.

Once in the game, Trinity's friends panicked when they could not leave the game, but Trinity was the one who kept a cool head, rallying them to fight together to beat the game. Despite this, her friends were all killed in short order, either from enemy NPCs, player killers, or suicide, with Trinity being the only one who was strong enough to both fight and stay alive. It was this resolve that was seen by Knight, who asked her to join Pendragon Court. She accepted without hesitation.

A few years after the game, she eventually married and had her daughter, Octavia.


Trinity is a headstrong knight, and is respected by her peers as being courageous and unfaltering in even the most dire of situations. Trinity is oftentimes reserved to herself, mostly talking to her friends exclusively, as well as other members of Pendragon Court. Trinity is kind and caring of others, and will put her life on the line to protect another. She is also unnaturally perceptive and observant.

Years after the SAO Incident, Violette had become very wise with her experience from the game, and seems to have been deeply affected by Ishi through observing his actions in SAO. She is kind to others, but can sometimes be cold to some who annoy her, and she generally doesn't like having other people's problems put on her unless she cares about them.


Sword Art Online

  • Level: 57
  • HP: 9577
  • Main Equipment:
    • Bianca

Trinity is a skilled swordswoman renowned for her talent with with a blade, her skill matching up to Misaki's. She is also a master at stealth, using this ability to scout ahead and to spy on the enemy. She can also use this for ambushes and for tracking targets.


Sword Art Online

One Handed Sword Parry Agility Acrobatics Sprint
910 / 1000
761 / 1000
898 / 1000
Hunting Tracking Searching Hiding Night Vision

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