The Trinity Weapons are a set of three holy artifacts that are directly linked to The Savior.



The use of the Trinity Weapons is forbidden by order of the Divine Council unless a prayer is made by one of the three Archangels for a single use on an opponent on which the weapon must be used. This request is then approved or denied by the Divine Council.


All of the Trinity Weapons contain within them terrifying power, supposedly being the power of The Savior. All three weapons are capable of altering the very state of Creation.

A curious effect these weapons have is when confronted with Void. Void has no effect on the weapons. In fact, the weapons seem to repel Void, though they cannot outright destroy it. Longinus carries the ability to pierce through Void effortlessly, as does the Holy Nail. The True Cross itself, even when inactive, simply radiates energy which Void cannot penetrate.



A spear that is tipped with the blood of The Savior. Longinus is an indestructible spear that possesses lethality towards any kind of enemy. The Longinus is easily capable of wiping out legions of enemies with the power it contains. The keeper of Longinus is the Archangel, Michael.

Holy Nail


True Cross


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