Those reapers... they say the moonlight shining off the blades is the last thing people see...
~ Unknown

Tsukuyomi is a pair of scythes in Endless Utopia Online. They belong to Rai Narukami

Item Info
Kanji ツクヨミ
Romaji Tsukuyomi
Epithet Moonlight Reapers
VRMMORPG Endless Utopia Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Scythe


Tsukuyomi, commonly called the Moonlight Reapers by many, are the signature weapons of Rai Narukami in Endless Utopia Online. The weapons have garnered a near legendary reputation due to Rai's service under the Dark Emperor, as well as Rai's unique ability of Black Lightning. They are called the Moonlight Reapers due to the saying that the moonlight shining off the blades is always the last thing Rai's enemies see before being slain, even indoors or during daytime.

Tsukyomi's released form is the katana Mangetsu.


Tsukuyomi is a pair of unique black-bladed scythes. They are attatched to chains so that they can also be used at range, while also allowing the blades to spin at high speed using Rai's Black Lightning to add power to the weapons.

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