This Unique Skill, Twin Blades (Skill), is property of Whizad.

Twin Blades (Skill)
Skill Info
Kanji トウィン・ブレイドズ
Romaji Touxin Bureidozu
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
New ALfheim Online
Category Weapon
User(s) Jaidira


This Unique Skill is given to the most ambidextrous player who employs the use of daggers.


Allows the player to equip two daggers of equal size and comparable weight, and unlocks access to the following sword skills, which employ both blades:




The use of this skill is parallel to that of Dual Blades, with the exception that a player may not strike an opponent with both blades simultaneously without using the skill Deathstrike. They may still use both blades to block.

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