This persona, Uriel, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

Uriel is the persona of Michael Christen.


Uriel is a high-ranking archangel in Abrahamic religion, whose name means "God is my light". He is listed as the fourth angel represented by the four cardinal points, the others being Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. He is known as the "Flame of God", for his depiction of holding a flaming sword. He is said to carry the stars in the sky, and on the final day of judgement, he will oversee the resurrection and retribution of human souls.


Uriel takes the appearance of a humanoid figure wearing white and gold hooded robes with white and gold armor plating. Uriel bears two sets of white feathered wings.


Uriel boasts an unmatched defensive capability, being able to fully utilize the powers of Light for defense, but also being able to attack with incredible power. Uriel is able to manifest the powers of Light into spears of light to attack enemies at range, and is able to fall back on its sword and shield for close encounters with powerful Demons.

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