Item Info
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Firearm
Sub-type Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle

 The VMAR96 is the heavily rebuilt sniper rifle used by Laura Schwarzerfeld in End War Online.


The VMAR96 was born out of necessity by Laura Schwarzerfeld during a field mission, where she was fleeing towards an extraction point. During the mission, she ran out of ammunition with her Black Rogue, and relied solely on her Valkyrie M115. Refusing to pick up another rifle then her own, she fended off her assailants while quickly reassembling her sniper rifle. 

The design was simple enough. She reassembled her sniper rifle to be functional in close range, while still keeping the lethality and characteristics of a sniper rifle. The weapon takes more after a modern FAL by function, but keeping the looks of a shortened Barret M82 and holding onto the 50. Caliber ammunition.

Modifications include:

  • Drastically shortened barrel
  • Shortened rail and upper reciever
  • Distance between the stock and the grip reduced
  • Extensively modified stock to absorb the heavy recoil
  • Extended Magazines, holding up to twice the size of a normal Valkyrie magazine (30 rounds)
  • Underline rail to mount a second grip
  • Extra recoil suppressive measures were taken afterwards, in which Laura made the barrel slide back slightly with every shot she took.


  • 'VMAR' was an abbreviation made up by Laura, and stands for: 'Valkyrie - Modified Assault Rifle'. Why she chose '96' as numbers is currently unknown, though speculations arose that she created the gun while she fought a notorious bandit group with the number 96 in their guild tag.

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