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Sword Art Online Fanon
VRMMO Information
Kanji N/A
Romaji N/A
Developer tGz
Release Date September 14, 2014
Genre Fanon
Usable Hardware Devices that can access the Internet

*Note: Introduction goes here: what genre game the VRMMO is, what the developer is, and when it was released.

*Note: This layout is a little different than the other layouts as you are free to format this page however you want (as voted by the admins). So have at it; good luck, players!

Layout Usage

{{VRMMO Infobox
|image = 
|caption =  
|kanji =
|romaji =
|developer = A company name. Could just be your username/alias if you want.
|release = 
|genre = <FPS, MOBA, RPG, (others, specify)>
|hardware = NerveGear, Amusphere, (others, specify)>

==Level 2 header==
===Level 3 header===
====Level 4 header====




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