Valkyrie M115
Item Info
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Firearm
Sub-type Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle

Valkyrie is the chosen sniper rifle wielded by Laura Schwarzerfeld in End War Online.


The Valkyrie is modeled after the renowned Barret M82 sniper rifle, yet the firearm appears to be tweaked by Laura with several beneficial modifications which make the rifle even more flexible while holding on to its devastating damage output. Ultimately, Laura has turned the Valkyrie M115 into an all-rounded, high performance sniper rifle which scores high on multiple areas instead of exceeding on one focus point.


  • 1,38 m Entire Length.
  • 70 cm Barrel.
  • Approximately 11 kg Weight. 
  • Action: Recoil-Operated; Rotating Bolt Locking System.
  • .511 Caliber Cartridge, 912.8 metric caliber, 12.98 mm Bullet Diameter.
  • Effective Firing Range: Set to 2,500 meters.
  • Muzzle Velocity: Set to 952 m/s.
  • Feed System: 15 round detachable box magazine.

Modifications include:

  • Night Vision available for all Optical Sights, along with Variable Zooming.
  • Mountable Silencer for the barrel (interchangeable).
  • Specialized helical grooves improve the Valkyrie's accuracy, stablility and range.
  • The Action System's power was tuned to match the new, specialised helical grooves in the barrel, and now synchronises the speed perfectly upon firing.
  • Elongated Rail to allow for multiple sights to be mounted.
  • Almost the entirety of the Valkyrie M115 consists of Lightweight Carbon to reduce weight.
  • Enhanced Muzzle Brake to reduce recoil and sound emition (interchangeable).
  • Deployable Bipod for extra stability.
  • Incendiary Ammunition (Hellfire Mk.35 Round).
  • A tempered carbon stock, with extending parts onto the reciever, and recoil-suppresive microcylinders implemented to simulate impact-absorption.


  • The sniper rifle is named after the norse mythological creature known as the Valkyrie, which roughly translates into 'chooser of the slain'. It means that the wielder of the gun gets to choose who lives and who dies. Deep stuff, don't you think? 
  • Though the Valkyrie's effective range has been set to 2,500 meters, Laura has speculated whether the sniper rifle could be just as lethal at even longer distances. She is testing to confirm its true range.
  • Valkyrie came in first place in Nakuro's sniper rifle comparison, before Surkov, Tresspasser and Velociten.
  • The Valkyrie, though not designated as an anti-material sniper rifle, has been known to occasionally take out military vehicles, such as a helicopter.

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