WARNING! Spoiler Alert!

Virtual Reality Sensation Mega Amplifier(also known as VRSMA) is an attachment to the Amusphere. It's designed to increment the senses in game.


It's a small device with the form of a square of 5cm wide and 10 long, designed with two long cables, one for electricity, and the other to the AmuSphere USB port.


It can be connected to the AmuSphere by a USB port, and then to electricity.

It’s a device created with the objective of making the experience on Virtual World more realistic by increasing the microwaves produced by the AmuSphere, every sensation is incremented several times, matching the NerveGear's sensational system. But also, and the same as the NerveGear did, blocking every transmission from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain; while using it, the player is completely insensate to the physical world.

It's an illegal device because if someone makes a small modification on the VRSMA this could make the capable of sending a strong electric wave across the web to a specific IP address, the IP address of a player they kill on game. This strong electric wave is capable of killing in real life by electroshock. Thus killing on the game, is equal to kill in real life. Still this VRSMA players can choose who they also kill in real life, as this function of the AmuSphere is activated when the player's eyes are blinked, and change their color to crimson.

As it is illegal to use it, can only be obtained in the black market.

The VRSMA has a huge disadvantage for the user: if the user's HP is reduced to 0, the microwave system has 50% possibilities of causing a backlash, frying the brain of the VRSMA player. So the players using a VRSMA can be killed by both a player that uses this device and a player that does not.


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