Vobis in GGO
Personal Info
Name Rafaeru Yamamoto
Kanji ラファエル 山本
Romanji Rafaeru Yamamoto
Birthday October 12, 2012
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 173 cm
Weight 62 kg
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Place of Residence Japan
Occupation Member of Second Separated Advanced Network Division, the Virtual Division
Marital Status Single
Player Profile
Display Name Vobis
Kanji あなた
Romanji Anata
Epithet Crazy Shot


VRMMORPGs Played Gun Gale Online
Occupation Player-hunter
Affiliation Darkness Falls
Previous Affiliation Solo player
Status Active
Primary Skill Energy Gun
Unique Weapon Mercenary's Blaster
First Appearance Right Back At It Again
Vobis is a member of Second Separated Advanced Network Division, Technology Bureau, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and is charged with watching Aiken.


Extremely skilled in knowledge of MMO physics, Vobis has gotten national attention before for exploiting various aspects of the game.  He was recruited by the Virtual Division after he cleared an max-level 55 MMO after only a week.  After all of the SAO players were logged off of the game, Vobis was charged with keeping an eye on particularily troubled former-players.  However, due to his love of MMOs, he tends to spend more time playing than actually watching his targets.


Vobis is an idiot is full of energy.  He spends every second he can enjoying his life to the fullest.  Everything, specifically VRMMO's, hold a capacity for fun and he is bent on pulling as much joy from them as possible.  This goes so far to allow him to let his guard down around the very people he's supposed to be watching. 


Fairy Dance Arc

Vobis is based on a character in the fan fiction, Right Back At It Again


Gun Gale Online

  • Level: 71
  • Main Equipment:
    • 「Mercenary's Blaster」 (Energy Pistol- Monster drop)
    • 「Rancer-Demolisher Blaster」 (Energy Pistol- Bought)
    • 「Imperial Chestguard」 (Armor)
    • 「Imperial Handguards」 (Gloves)
    • 「Imperial Boots」 (Shoes)
    • 「Ammunation's Belt」 (Belt)
  • Specialty
    • ​Energy Guns - Ranged weapons that use energy


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