Void Avatar is the title given to the Nephilim who draws their power excusively from Void.


The First Void Avatar appeared millennia ago, and was hailed as a powerful and fearful deity-like being, even among Nephilim. The Void Avatar was raised as a king would be, trained to harness his unique abilities. Eventually, though, the Void Avatar turned on his Nephilim bretheren as well as the rest of Creation. Seeking more and more power, the Void Avatar unleashed Void upon Creation, causing The First Void Insurrection, nearly destroying all of Creation with his terrifying power and utilizing his Persona, Erebus. He was eventually felled, and Erebus was sealed within Void.

After this event, it was foretold that a second Void Avatar would appear and bring about The Second Void Insurrection. Due to this prophecy, all three races conducted the Nephilim Purge to rid Creation of all Nephilim and keep the prophecy from ever coming into fruition.

Despite this, some Nephilim survived, and the Second Void Avatar, Yamato Haseo, eventually awakened to his abilities.


Void Avatar is the title given to Nephilim who draw their power from Void, and use the power of Void as their primary ability.

As Void is not a natural attribute of the Soul, the Void Avatar is a subject of much debate over the true nature of Void, the Soul, and Nephilim as a whole.


Evident by the first, a Void Avatar's abilities to control Void are terrifying, and are unmatched in terms of power.

The powers of a Void Avatar are that of Void, in that they are the only beings able to bring Void in its purest form into reality through their Souls, where Void has manifested within them. As a result of this, a Void Avatar holds complete control of Void, both within Creation and within Void itself. As Void exists both everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, Void Avatars can bring Void into reality anywhere from any location at any time, and can manipulate Void to a terrifying degree, with the potential to become perfect incarnations of Void.

This, however, was shown to be difficult even for a Void Avatar to accomplish, as evident by the first Void Avatar, Cyratel, who relinquished his Soul to Void and to his Persona, Erebus, allowing himself to be lost in order to gain absolute power, which allowed him to become an incarnation of Void, albeit a flawed and incomplete one. It was due to this imperfection that he was eventually defeated.

Void State

An ability shown by the First Void Avatar, as well as the second, Void State refers to the state a Void Avatar enters when he accepts Void into his Soul, slowly leaking into his very life essence, losing himself slowly in the process, but gaining incredible power as a result. This state was overused by the First Void Avatar to the point where his own Soul was consumed by Void and he lost himself. Tests with Void shows that Void State can be replicated for those outside Void Avatars, however, it is much more dangerous and has a great chance of instantly consuming the Soul, as others lack the intrinsic relationship Void Avatars have with Void, and thus lack the ability to hold Void at bay from consuming their Souls.

During this state, the sclera of the eyes turn black and Void energy is constantly being exuded. In the case of the First Void Avatar, in allowing his Soul to be assimilated, he entered a permanent Void State, and became complete, but flawed as a result.

Void State is considered the Void Avatar's true form, becoming a being borne of Void, and wielding the full power of Nothingness, though a perfect Void State has never been seen.

Void Avatars

Cyratel - The First Void Avatar, responsible for The First Void Insurrection, utilizing the power of his unique PersonaErebus, in order to bring Void into reality in an attempt to return Creation to the nothingness from which it came. This Void Avatar was defeated by Lord Knight Falken, and his Persona was sealed within Void.

Yamato Haseo - The Second Void Avatar foreseen after The First Void Insurrection. Yamato fell into Void due to the efforts of the AEP, knowing of his Nephilim lineage. Due to this, Yamato gained the power of Void. Yamato is shown to be able to utilize Void fluently and efficiently, without any repurcussions. He is destined to bring about The Second Void Insurrection, though at this time it is unknown how or why he would cause such an event.

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