Item Info
Name Warglaives
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Blade

 Warglaives are demonic blades wielded by some Demon Players in End War Online.


A Warglaive are a strange cross between a small buckler and a sharp-looking, curved, two-bladed short sword. These demonic weapons are often infused with Darkness, and once empowered the blades will burn with shadowy fire. Bright-glowing runes in the demonic tongue are ingraved in a circular pattern across the buckler of the warglaives, indicating the infusion of Anima, which allow the warglaives to be empowered by activating them.


Warglaives are known for their destructive force on the battlefield. Not only do these strange, outlandish weapons require a high skill in fighting to be wielded, they also come with a lofty price for using the magic bound to these instruments of war. In battle, the wielder may choose to empower them with Darkness, resulting in the blade's inner fire being awakened. As an extention of the blade when striking, dark fires will errupt from the blade itself, setting the battlefield ablaze. If the flames manage to burn your opponents, they will drain their health drastically like fire ripping through their very soul. The tougher the opponent, the more Anima is required from the wielder for the effect to take place.

The Warglaives are summonable from the Demon Realm through the art of Soulcraft, and will materialize upon command. Once the battle is over, the warglaives will fade away back into the Demon Realm. The Warglaives are not specified as an 'anti-Angel' or 'anti-Human' weapon, and as such is considered equally effective against both races. 

Known Users

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