This weapon, White Keys, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

The White Keys are the primary weapons of members of the Brotherhood of The Faithful
White Keys
Item Info
Name White Keys
Kanji 白鍵
Romaji Hakken
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Blade
Sub-type Anti-Demon Enchanted Blade


The White Keys are medium-sized dual-edged black blades with a shining edge, as well as white inscriptions along the length that bear the holy enchantments on the blades.


The White Keys are anti-Demon weapons enchanted with the ability to bind Demons on the spot, should a blade make contact. Under normal circumstances, when cut, the Demon is paralyzed for a short time, but if impaled, the Demon is permanently bound. This allows the user to finish off the Demon. With higher level Demons, however, the blades lose their effectiveness, requiring multiple White Keys to bind. The White Keys are self-replicating, allowing the user any amount needed to bind any kind of Demon. The White Keys hold their effectiveness againt Demon hybrids as well.

A peculiar aspect of the White Keys is their effect on Nephilim, retaining their ability to bind the Demon part of them, but not being able to fully restrain them due to their Angel heritage. When used properly, White Keys can be deadly even to them.

Known Users

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