Item Info
Name Yuggoth
Kanji ユゴス
Romaji Yugosu
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Plasma Blade
Status Adquired

The Type 7 BS-198 Plasma Blade, named Yuggoth, is Dwight's primary melee weapon of choice in End War Online.


It looks like a metal, tube-like object. It is three centimeters in diameter and around twenty-five centimeters long. On one side, a metal fixture like a mountaineering carabiner hangs down, designed to hang from the users belt. The other side is slightly thicker while the center has a black hole. The blade is made of positronic energy, and is actived by a small switch in the handle of the sword. The color of the blade can be customized, but Dwight's blade is bright skyblue.

As it's an energy blade, it can cut through all materials, and few can resist it's power.

Known Users


  • It is of course based the Lightsabers from the popular science-fiction movie series Star Wars.

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