This Non-Player, Yvette D'Arcy, is property of TheGRAINGERzone.

Yvette D'Arcy is the younger Sister of Jocelyne D'Arcy, by 3 years (Pre-SAO 14 - Post-SAO 16 years old). During her sister's 2 years in SAO, Yvette was worried for her sister but optimistic that she would she her awake again. She also had to deal with her best friend Séamus MacKenna, who went into a rage spiral and took out his anger on those around him.


Yvette D'Arcy (10 years old)

Riley and bro

Yvette and Séamus fighting with Riley (10, 10 and 14 respectively)

Rukia is given Kon by Ururu & Urahara

Sisters, Yvette and Jocelyne out shopping, not long before the launch of SAO (14 and 17 years old)

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Yvette D'Arcy during the events of SAO (14 years old)


Yvette and Séamus during the 2 years of SAO (Both 14-15 years old)

486777-episode 344 ururu

Yvette D'Arcy after SAO is conquered (16 years old)

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