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WARNING! Spoilers Ahead

Wolf General
Personal Info
Real Name Zlatan Romanov
Kanji ローマノフ ズラタン
Romaji Rōmanofu Zuratan
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 1,73 mts
Weight 62 kg
Player Profile
Display Name Zar
Kanji (Display) ザー
Romaji (Display)
Epithet Wolf General
VR Played New ALfhiem Online
ALO Race Spriggan
Occupation General
Third in Command
Affiliation The Supreme Legion
Knights of the Blood(NA) (undercover)
Appears In Sword Art Online: New Aincrad

Zar is the best general of The Supreme Legion. For his victories on the frontlines, his intelligence and cunning, he is known as the "Wolf General".


Zar is a Spriggan with gray spiky hair and matching eyes. He is generally seen using the armor of the Legions, but instead of a collar, he uses a short red scarf. 

During his time with the Blood Knights, while posing as Lyd, he had blond hair and a single black bang close to his right temple. He donned a black robe, with sandals and bronze vambraces.


Zar is a complex character of various underlying traits: a brilliant but wild man. While hot-headed and ill-tempered at inconvenient moments, Zar is considerably calculative with his machinations and carries an impeccable charm. He is witty and silver-tongued, able to speak to, deceive, and manipulate his opponents is legendary. Zar's cleverness is only matched by his boundless ambitions as strong desires for political greatness, just below the ones of Hao.

Despite being a hardened soldier with an appearance of arrogance and violence, Zar proves himself to be empathetic towards others in need and does not like the sight of others in pain. Zar shares Hao's belief in respecting warriors of great skill, even his own enemies, and never underestimates who he would come up against.

However, Zar's swaggering behavior and arrogance provokes the anger and disapproval of others around him, such as Mordread and, especially, Markus, whom he engages in a power struggle to see who is "the best soldier" in the eyes of Hao. Zar's dauntless courage does not allow him to back down from any challenge, and his brash boldness even encourages it.


Zar joined New ALO sometime between 2025 and 2026. He joined the legions a few days afterward and quickly began to rise. Finally, Hao named him his first general and he then moved to clear the frontlines, where he currently is. Zar cleared many floors during the GAW and defeated many armies and guilds as well. However, once KoB started rising in power, he was forced to retreat, but not before reaching floor 94th of Aincrad. 



Hao and Zar meet for the first time on ALO, after the latter joined the guild, and after time, they became close friends. Hao trusts Zar's skills and tactics, enough to trust him the clearing of Aincrad while he remained on the 50th floor of Aincrad. Zar deeply believes in Hao's mission and that he is the most suitable person to win the Great Aincrad War. He is one of the few people Hao allows, in private, to call him by his in-game name.


Markus is Zar's superior and most notable rival within the Legions. They have a tense competition to determine who is the "best soldier" in the eyes of Hao.


Mordread and Zar have a notable rivalry between them and they don't see each other in the warmest regard.


Though they never interacted, Zar holds a certain level respect for Kirito's abilities as a fighter and as a military commander. As such, he sees as his goal to help Hao defeat him.


Galant never crossed paths with Zar while he was a mercenary for the Supreme Legion, but he did know about him. After Zar is revealed to be a spy within the Blood Knights under the name "Lyd", Zar and Galant developed a hostile rivalry between the two, especially after Galant wounded him during their brief battle.



Freya and Zar have a mutually beneficial relationship. On their first interaction, Zar made notable advances on Freya, notably making her uncomfortable. However, once Markus hurt Freya, she went to Zar for help to get rid of Markus.


Zar and Lamorak never interacted while the former was posing as Lyd. After he was revealed to be an undercover legionnaire, they engaged in combat. Since then, there has been a tense feud between the two.


A soldier by profession, Zar possesses formidable combat skills high above those of the average legionnaire. He is able to match and overcome high-tier fighters. Zar uses his cunning as a means of besting physically strong opponents and is quick to exploit weaknesses presented by his enemies to gain the upper hand. His swift and deadly skills, coupled with his incredible cunning are his greatest weapons. His combat skills allow him to face some of the strongest members of KoB.

New ALfheim Online

  • Level:100
  • HP:20000
  • MP:1000

Main Equipment


One Handed Straight Sword One Handed Dagger Parry Light Metal Equipment Heavy Metal Equipment
Battle Healing Sprint Agility Straining Hiding
Extended Limit Weight

Notable Achievements

  • Victorious over several armies and guilds.
  • Most floors cleared by him and his army during the Great Aincrad War.


  • Zar is the Spanish translation of the word Tsar. Tsar was the Russian translation of Caesar, the title for Roman Emperors.
  • Zar is the only antagonist who has shown to have a direct feud with Kirito, Galant, and Lamorak. He has also engaged the two lasts and Jack in combat.