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Sword Art Online: Zeltran
Written by: Whizad
Published: 04:30, April 19, 2015
1.1h: Khan Pachi Solo

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Ding! Daichi looked up as a player entered his shop. Time to go to work. “Welcome, friend. How may I be of assistance to your good self?”

“Good afternoon. I take it you’re Khan Pachi?”

“Indeed. What is it you require? A sword? A shield? A spear?”

“A scimitar. 1.2 meter blade, curvature 147.43 Ångstroms per micron.”

“That’s… rather specific. I’m afraid I don’t have a weapon with those exact specifications in stock at the moment, but if you’re willing to provide materials, or the Col to buy them, I can make-”

The player cut him off. “I have the materials.”

He must be in a hurry. “Wonderful. What am I working with?”

“This.” The player laid a large block of smooth stone on the table. It looked like volcanic glass, except it was deep red and was giving off a faint glow.

“Where’d you find this? It’s beautiful!

“There was a cave quest on Floor 49 with a vein of this stuff in the boss room.”

“You know anything about it?”

“Not much,” the player admitted, “but it’s extremely resistant to damage. I wasted three Azure Sky Pickaxes getting this.”

Three Azure Sky- wow. Do you have something you’d like me to use for the handle?”

The player was actually looking at him now. “You can do that? A different material for the handle?”

Oh, he’s hooked now.I can. Your average dealer? Not so much. Now, before I start, let’s talk payment.”

“I have another block of this material and 50,000 Col. Is that acceptable?”

Acceptable? That’s almost criminal! “Yes, yes, that’ll do quite nicely. Thank you very much for the material.” Ten seconds later, a blood-red scimitar with a leather grip lay on the table. Picking it up, Khan carried it to another table and began refining it.

“Wh-what’s that you’re doing now?” the player asked anxiously.

“I’m adding a few… perks. Don’t worry, you’ll love this bit. Who doesn’t like extra damage?” The finished weapon was beautiful.

The customer smiled. “Many thanks, Khan.”

“You’re quite welcome, friend. Your new weapon will inflict bleeding damage on all entities capable of bleeding, and the blade itself is impervious to any debuffs inflicted by any mob below floor 60. That’s not easy, you know.”

“So I’m told.” The player strode to the door and left.

“Come back anytime, friend.”

Khan smiled. Another satisfied customer, another tagged weapon ready for activation should the need arise. Just an average day at work.

Now, it was time to figure out what he was going to do with that block of stone.

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