This Player, Zeref, is property of Aikenarrows‎.

Personal Info
Gender Male
Player Profile
Display Name Zeref
Kanji 黒ウィザード
Romanji U~izādo
VRMMORPGs Played ALfheim Online
Occupation Lord
Status Active
Primary Skill One-Handed Sword
Zeref (黒ウィザード, U~izādo) is the Lord of the Spriggan race and an reclusive player. He was made the leader of the Spriggan race under mysterious circumstances.  It is said that he is an fearsome fighter; however, his inactivity with his race has lead to a decline of this reputation.  


Almost nothing is known about the Spriggan's commander, Zeref.  He is said to have high magic levels and to be a skilled swordsman.  Most Spriggan's have never seen their Lord and therefore, a lot of Spriggan players become mercenaries for other races. 


Nothing much is known about the Spriggan's Lord, but the fear that the older players show when his name is mentioned could mean that he had once been a very skilled player.


Fairy Dance Arc

In ALO, because of his disappearance, Spriggan's become known for being mercenaries and soldiers-for-hire. 

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